[jp] Network sync?

Nicholas Piper nick-moongroup at nickpiper.co.uk
Sun Jun 1 17:41:42 EDT 2003


On Mon, 02 Jun 2003, Atul Chitnis wrote:

> On Sun, 1 Jun 2003, Nicholas Piper wrote:

> Only caveat - I find that I have to hit jpilot's sync button *before* I 
> start the hotsync on the palm. Kind of confusing for a guy who has trained 
> himself to hit the jpilot sync button only *after* hitting the hotsync 
> button on the cradle ;-)

If you're going to always be doing netsync, just do

 while true;

in a background shell somewhere. Then you only have to hit "hotsync"
on the palm (cradle), and that's all!

> > It's not really a performance improvement, it's just a one-liner hack
> > to 'fix' this problem:
> >  http://marc.theaimsgroup.com/?l=linux-ppp&m=105389336517645&w=2

> Hey cool! If your hack fixes that issue, it would certainly make life 
> simpler, especially people trying to script something, the way I am trying 
> to do right now. 

You'll need a
 while true;
  sleep 3;
  ppp call tungsten;

too, as ppp will keep failing to start until the palm brings up it's
USB interface. Then it'll exit when the palm closes the PPP interface.

> Would appreciate getting the patch and your network-sync stub program.

> (You wouldn't by any chance also have a stub to kick off a network
> connection one-click, to avoid the prefs>network>connect routine, would
> you? ;-) )

It should bring up the connection by itself... If you've set the
"connection" selection below the Big Hotsync button correctly.

It really IS all one-click, even with USB (after some work to get ppp
et. all working nice!).


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