[jp] Tungsten resets at end of hotsync, loses data

terry at terrytraub.org terry at terrytraub.org
Thu Jun 26 22:08:50 EDT 2003

I've seen a couple of postings about this but no explanation or solution that
worked for me.  Occasionally when sync'ing with JPilot, my Tungsten T will
crash with a memory allocation error message and a reset control; the reset
control does not respond however and I must then do a soft reset on the back.

Following reset, some changes I have made in JPilot will not be sync'd to the
Tungsten even after a successful hotsync.  I then have to remember what records
were changed, go in and touch them (e.g., add a space and then delete it) to
force an update, then do a new hotsync, at which point the updated data will
make it over to the Palm.  The weird thing is that jpilot will display the
updates whereas the Palm will not.

Today it was really bad.  I had made various changes to my schedule and
addressbook on the desktop and I did not remember them all so I'm afraid I may
have missed some stuff.

Following some poster's advice, I disabled the time sync conduit but to no
effect.  Have any other Tungsten users encountered this problem?  I
wonder if it's some kinda subtle bug in Palm OS 5 that only happens with

-Terry  :-(

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