[jp] Jpilot-Mail sent mail folder

Sarah George slgeo1 at telstra.com
Thu Jun 12 23:37:54 EDT 2003

I've just added very minimalist support to my copy of jpilot-Mail for a
"sent mail" folder, so I can keep copies of emails I've sent. 

Can anyone point me to some nice, to-the-point example of how to lock a
mail file or are there too many standards out there for that to be a
simple task? 

I'm just appending sent mail to a file at the moment (ie unix mailbox
style), probably safe enough even without locking if you have a separate
"sent-mail-palm" folder rather than combining it with sent-mail folders
from other apps. 

Also, is there a CVS version of jpilot-Mail around anywhere or just the
"proper" versions? 

-- Sarah


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