[jp] Odd string

Seth Williamson seth at swva.net
Thu Jun 12 18:13:33 EDT 2003

I am syncing my Clie 610 to jpilot on a Libranet 2.8 machine.  Seems to
work fine.

However, on the jpilot desktop there's an odd text string beneath all of
my appointments and floats in the datebook section.  The top box that
displays events has the appointment or float text, and it's just right.

In a box beneath that, there's a string of what looks like garble. 
Identical in some, slightly different in others.  A typical example is:

##f at A@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

I am scared to delete it in case it's important.

Can somebody tell me what it is, why it's there, and what that bottom
text box is for?  Thanks...

Seth Williamson
Floyd, VA

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