[jp] Import of Address-CSV

Zeno R.R. Davatz zdavatz at ywesee.com
Thu Jun 12 04:59:09 EDT 2003

Hi List

I done a import of an Address-CSV and it worked great. Now I get all my mail-addresses in Sylpheed-Claws and I was able to sync all the addresses to my TREO 270. The only problem left is that with my first Import of my addresses I got some strange entries added to my Datebook. Since then my Palm always crashes when I press the 'Datebook' button.

Also when I click onto the Datebook-Button I get: unknown repeatType (16) found in DatebookDB. I deleted the DatebookDB.pdb in ~/.jpilot/Datebook.pdb and then synced again but I still get the above error. Any ideas if that is related to the crashing of my Datebook on my TREO?

Everything else works great.

Thanks for your feedback.

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