[jp] [patch,cvs] 'make install' don't install jpilotrc.*

Hiroshi Miura miura at da-cha.org
Tue Jun 10 09:31:45 EDT 2003


In cvs 20030609 version, there are some bugs.
1. 'make install' seems not to install jpilotrc.* properly.
  I attatch a patch.
2. ru.po stops compile.
  make update-po fails with unmatch of '\n' on msgid/msgstr. 
3.There is not empty/Makefile.am, it stops compile.
  I attach a patch for it.  

I update message catalog ja.po.
My previous post is broken, so please replace.
I also made debian package of jpilot-0.99.5+cvs20030609.
I put these on my web page.


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