[jp] Remote Central Datebook with J-Pilot

Ian Hutchinson hutch at psfc.mit.edu
Sun Jun 8 23:26:57 EDT 2003

	I finally got Jpilot to work reliably with IRDA and not crash the
palm. It seems as if the Datebook database had a strange corruption that I
could not track down. I spilt my (4 years) of dates into two using the
handy pilot-datebook code, and now (both halves) seem to sync fine over

Remote Datebook.
	Well what I want to do is to have my secretary enter things into
my datebook, and I be able to do likewise, and when synced they are all
reconciled. I had been doing that with ical and syncal. The problem is
that it never does a fast sync, probably because of the way calendars are
reconciled. Slow sync every time is way too slow over IRDA. So here's the
configuration I am aiming for.

Me: thinkpad laptop LT, jpilot, IRDA, palm (IIIx).
Also connected to remote workstation RWS.

Secy: her station HS connected to RWS.

She enters using jpilot onto RWS from HS.  I sync palm to LT and enter
appointments with jpilot either on LT or on RWS. She does not enter stuff
into LT databases because LT is not always on the net.

First plan: do all syncing as network syncs. The problem with
that is that it seems to proceed about 1/3 the speed of using a local
sync. BAD. (Using pi-nredir etc)

Second idea (not tried out yet) set up on LT a script so that when syncing
is to occur, the first thing is that the local DatebookDB.pc3 is
reconciled to palm, then the remote DatebookDB.pc3 is copied from RWS and
reconciled to palm, then LT DatebookDB.pdb is copied to RWS
DatebookDB.pdb. This is attractive because the network is fast, while the
palm IR seems to be slow.

Finally the question: Anyone see problems or have a better idea or ideas?

	Ian Hutchinson

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