[jp] Rudimentary plucker plugin available

Jason Day jasonday at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jun 5 16:24:45 EDT 2003

There has been a good bit of discussion in the past couple of weeks
about running scripts inside of J-Pilot, and most of it seemed to be for
the purpose of running the plucker distiller.  Well, here ya go :)


I should point out that this is NOT a plucker-desktop plugin.  You will
still need to maintain your ~/.pluckerrc and home.html files in some
other way, and you will need to have the plucker distiller installed.
This plugin will allow you to run the plucker distiller inside J-Pilot
(or spawn a terminal and run inside of that), install the plucker
documents generated, and you can optionally schedule the distiller to
run at sync time.

As always, bug reports, comments, and patches(!) are welcome.

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