[jp] keyboard shortcuts not working

Scott Seagroves scott at ucolick.org
Thu Jun 5 15:07:01 EDT 2003

Hi - I just searched the list archives on this, and I notice that it has 
been mentioned before but not much discussion.  (There was more discussion 
about what the keyboard shortcuts should be than whether they work)

Often when helping others on the list, people give their directions in
terms of the keyboard shortcuts (eg "hit ctrl-z to show private records").  
So I guess those work for some people, but for me (jpilot 0.99.5, gtk2) no
keyboard shortcuts work.  Not the ctrl-? shortcuts, not the function-key
shortcuts (F1 for datebook, for example), nothing.  Oh, wait, I can hit
alt-v or alt-h for those two menus, but nothing else.

Does this point to some obvious breakage in my build, something I can fix?  
Are others seeing this?  I don't see it mentioned in BUGS or TODO so it 
may be a local problem.


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