[jp] IR Jpilot Hotsync Datebook Hangs Palm

hutch at psfc.mit.edu hutch at psfc.mit.edu
Tue Jun 3 13:44:00 EDT 2003

If I make a single change to my datebook in Jpilot and then sync, it does 
a fast sync (good!). 

However, when doing this using an infrared IRDA connection. My palm (IIIx,
OS 3.3)  reaches the "cleaning up ... please wait" and hangs. 

This has never happened to me before. I have been using pilot-xfer and
syncal. The palm can be reset with a momentary push of the paperclip
reset, and then seems fine after that. I ran dbScan to make sure the 
database was not corrupted.

The problem does not happen: 
  1. With Jpilot over serial port (not irda).
  2. With slow sync.
  3. With other databases.
  3. With other syncing programs.

Has anyone any ideas? Is this a known bug? Anyone else with IR experience?

	Ian Hutchinson

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