[jp] Re: Monthly Printing problem

Susan Macchia susan at smacchia.net
Fri Jan 31 14:04:27 EST 2003

I'd be glad to try that.  I will hopefully have some time this weekend and I'll
let you know what I find.


>> And 0.99.3 worked fine ;)
>'diff jpilot-0.99.[34]/print.c' reveals, amongst other things:
><              ps_strncat(desc, temp_al->ma.a.description, 40);
>>              ps_strncat(desc, temp_al->ma.a.description, 39);
>Could you try changing the '39' in the 0.99.4 source back to '40' as
>it was in the 0.99.3 source, recompile, and see what happens? I think
>it may be a buffer length issue, possibly with a '(' leftover in the
>end of the output buffer from a previous string but not escaped in the
>current string, or similar...

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