[jp] QIF conduits?(Was: GNUCash/FreeCoins Conduit)

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Sat Jan 18 20:19:21 EST 2003

> intentions. So, before I do that, I'd like to find out what everyone
> might have for needs, so I can approach Landware with a proper "business
> plan" to help encourage them to take a liking to us, and not sick the
> Landware and Intuit legal team on us.

I'm too new to QuickBooks and J-Pilo/Palm to be an authority, but my
primary consideration was being able to record small expenses/income

I routinely spend pocket money and forget the receipt, or a receipt is not
forthcoming in a timely fashion so have to shrug it off and go.

I also sell music CDs at live shows and make some tiny amount of money
doing live sound for bands -- The last thing I need is my corporate books
getting audited because I didn't remember that $8.00 tip.  Puhleaze.

What's worse, half the food I eat and beer I drink is for a business
reason -- I'm at some venue/bar doing WORK and have to eat/drink there.

Keep in mind that the IRS has an inch-thick book JUST for auditing
musicians -- Not artists, just musicians.  I know a guy from Minnneapolis
who was touring at college gigs making ~$1500 a show, and then would "fill
in" nights at coffeehouses making, oh, be generous and call it $50.  He'd
just use the $50 to cover expenses, and figured it was all good.  Not so. 
The IRS decided that since he didnt' bother to record those amounts, they
were the AVERAGE of his "other" gigs.  Every stupid little coffeehouse he
played, they found in the newspaper, and taxed him on $1500.  Plus
penalties and interest.  He lost the appeal.  He had to move back in with
his parents and has been paying off the IRS for years, and has years more
to go to get back to $0.

Anyway, I just figured accurate point-of-transaction records would be more
likely to happen with a Palm than my little pieces of paper I give to the

PS  The accoutant is also my sister.  Switching to another one is not an

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