[jp] Missing memo text in RH8 - strange

Rick Lapp rlapp at optonline.net
Sun Jan 12 08:53:43 EST 2003

I just upgraded my distro from Mandrake 9.0 to RH8.0 with a Sony 610 on ttyS0.  
I copied over all of the *.pdb files and sync'd fine.  All of the Memo record 
titles appear OK in the left window but approximately 5-10 of the 500 
records, no text is visible in the right window.  The text still appears OK 
in the Palm and the text can even be printed OK.  

If I read the contents of the MemoDB.pdb file, the text is still there.  
I deleted the MemoDB.pdb file, re-sync'd and the memo text is still missing.  
I upgraded from jpilot .99.2 to .99.3.  Same results
I upgraded pilot-xfer to .11.7.  Same results. 
Tried switching anti-aliasing off.  Same results

rlapp at optonline.net

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