[jp] pilot-xfer works, but J-pilot does NOT....???

Jason Day jasonday at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 3 12:43:29 EST 2003

On Mon, Feb 03, 2003 at 10:22:40AM -0700, Scott S. Jones D.C. wrote:
> Jason:
> Here's the response from your ps command: 
> >   ps ax | grep pilot
> 607 ? S 0:00 gpilotd --sm-config-prefix /gpilotd-cnklXU/ -- sm-client-id
> 117f000001000104373633800000025640000
> 15501 pts/0 S 0:00 grep pilot

That's the problem: the gnome-pilot daemon is running, and it will
interfere if you try to sync with J-Pilot.  You can kill it by typing:
  kill 607
in an xterm.  Or killall gpilotd.  Then try to sync with J-Pilot.  If
you decide you like J-Pilot, you will want to check your gnome settings
to keep gpilotd from restarting every time you reboot.
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