[jp] pilot-xfer works, but J-pilot does NOT....???

Jason Day jasonday at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 3 08:53:54 EST 2003

On Sun, Feb 02, 2003 at 11:50:28PM -0700, Scott S. Jones D.C. wrote:
> How do I go about troubleshooting the functionality in J-Pilot or other
> graphical desktop interface? 

Well, first of all, what kind of errors are you getting?

Make sure you don't have any other sync daemons running:
  ps ax | grep pilot

If any other daemons are running, like gpilotd or kpilotd, kill them.
Make sure you configure J-Pilot to use the same port as you use with
pilot-xfer.  If it still doesn't work, post specific error messages

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