[jp] Missing memo text in RH8 - Problem found, not solved

terry at terrytraub.org terry at terrytraub.org
Sat Feb 1 17:38:00 EST 2003

> I looked carefully at each record that would not show in the right panel.  
> EACH one had an accented character... a, e or i  w/ 2 dots above it, or other 
> slanted accents above.  I carefully REPLACED but not deleted these characters 
> with their english equivalents and was able to view the records after 
> restarting Jpilot.  I couldn't see any strange characters in other hidden 
> records but I changed the preferences>character set to "host windows 
> 1251...etc" and was able to see several more records.  Out of my 500 records 
> I'm down to only 5 or so that I can not bring back.  I used mcedit (in mc) to 
> do the editing.  Wonder if there is a better editor for this.  The DB file is 
> not happily edited by hand.  
> Rick

I experienced the same problem after upgrading to Redhat 8.0 and jpilot
0.99.4.  Memos and to-do notes that have foreign or special characters are not
displayed in jpilot.  Luckily, it doesn't delete them or anything.  Removing
all special characters from a memo seemed to fix it, but another memo still
won't display despite my best efforts.

I recompiled with GTK2 support and the problem seems to have gone away.


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