[jp] Syncing PalmOS-based Product Catalog with Photos

david.corking2 at dol.net david.corking2 at dol.net
Mon Dec 22 21:42:46 EST 2003

On Mon, 15 Dec 2003, Federico Sevilla III wrote:

> I'm new to this mailing list and am new to Palm and JPilot plugin
> development as well. For my thesis/special problem in University I'm
> working on a mini CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system with a
> mobile component powered by the Palm. This will involve synchronizing a
> client and product databases on a PostgreSQL server with the Palm, which
> I hope to do as a JPilot plugin on GNU/Linux.
> One aspect of this that I'm currently wanting to read up on, though, is
> that the product database should have photos (one photograph per
> product). I don't know how to work out the storage if this on the Palm
> database. I'm planning to develop this application (currently in the
> design/proposal stage) for the Palm Tungsten E since that comes with
> 32MB of memory and a 320x320 colored monitor.
> Would anyone have recommended reading material or sample code for
> database synchronization with the Palm in GNU/Linux as well as handling
> photographs on the Palm,

Plucker http://plucker.gnu-designs.com does some very attractive
things with photographs in converting them to a PalmOS format - since it
is a rendering of HTML the pics can share the screen with captions,
hotlinks or whatever.  The source is open so there may be some great
lessons in there.

It is *amazing* how many grayscale photos fit on an 8 MB Palm III

You can even have photos larger than the screen, and drag them to see
the rest of the image.

> with a JPilot plugin handling the
> synchronization?

I believe there is a project similar to Plucker called syncmal or
malsync (I forgot - Google for it) that has a jpilot plugin.  I heard
there were some compatibility issue with PalmOS 5 but I might be
mistaken (so maybe a Zire with a memory card or a Clie.)

For more code re-use, it would not be hard to imagine your product
database having a web frontend, (Apache/PHP/ODBC; Apache/Perl/ODBC)
and simply using Plucker to render a read-only version of the web site
for the handheld.  Just a suggestion.  (However I am sure you also
want to enter data and sync two ways - I can't help with that though I
am sure you will find many who have written such apps.)

Hope you score well.

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