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Juergen Meurer meurer at bad-gmbh.de
Fri Dec 19 07:58:09 EST 2003

Am Freitag, 19. Dezember 2003 13:34 schrieb David A. Desrosiers:
> > I used to hit "HotSync" before I hit the Jpilot "sync" button. 
> > Under SuSE 9.0 it failed until I changed the order.  I now hit the
> > "Sync" button and then "HotSync" on the zire.  That seems to work
> > now.
> 	This seems to only happen on SuSE systems. I have not yet heard of
> any reports of this happening on any other Linux or Unix system
> running the latest versions of pilot-link (0.11.8) and J-Pilot
> (0.99.6).
This is no Suse problem.
I have Suse 9.0 with a Clie and I can hit the buttons in any order and 
it works fine.

> 	Can someone take the lead on testing this and figuring out what
> SuSE did differently on their latest versions that causes this to
> happen?
> 	You don't have to hit the sync button in J-Pilot or the HotSync
> button on your Palm device in any specific order, assuming you have
> at least 0.11.8 of pilot-link. You can hit whatever one you wish,
> first.
> d.
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