[jp] On compiling from CVS

Colin Brough Colin.Brough at blueyonder.co.uk
Thu Dec 11 11:47:21 EST 2003

> 	automake is like juggling 80 pieces of 3-inch strips of yarn. It's
> all intertwined into lots of files and tools and a wonderfully-confusing
> macro language that binds it all together. I don't disagree with your
> confusion. I'm still confused every time I look at it ;)

:-) :-)

> >   === Compiling ===============================================================
> >   To compile and install do the following:
> >
> >     ./configure --prefix=/usr  (configure --help will list all the options.)
> >     make
> >     make install
> >     jpilot
> >
> >   make uninstall is an option also.
> >   To make an rpm just do rpm -tb jpilot-{version}.tar.gz
> >
> >   If you want to compile from the latest CVS sources (www.jpilot.org/cvs.html)
> >   then ./configure won't work. Instead, try:
> >
> >     sh ./autogen.sh --prefix=/usr
> >     make
> >     ./jpilot
> >   =============================================================================
> 	I would slightly amend this to include something as follows:
> 	# Use --help to find out extended options to configure
> 	./configure
> 	make
> 	# Test that it works locally, first, before installing!
> 	./jpilot
> 	# If successful, su to root and install
> 	su - root
> 	# Install a stripped binary (smaller on disk)
> 	make install-strip
> 	# Enjoy!
> 	jpilot
> 	A few minor differences from your version:

"my" version only starts with "If you want to compile from the latest
CVS..." The rest was lifted straight from what's already in the
distribution, probably by Judd at some point in the distant past. The
points about --prefix, building as root, and testing are all well
made. I didn't know that the default for --prefix was /usr/local - I'd
cut and pasted from a message of yours on the mailing list for the
autogen line, and that had --prefix=/usr....

> 	Overall, looks good. Throw the updated info in the INSTALL file
> into the wiki, and let Judd pick and choose out of it as he sees fit, when
> he makes the next release.

Sigh, something else to learn! Mind you, the last time I looked at the
wiki was in the midst of the attack on the server, so it wasn't really
working right!!



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