[jp] Re: jpilot Digest, Vol 4, Issue 16

ttraub at tastysoftware.com ttraub at tastysoftware.com
Fri Apr 25 12:16:54 EDT 2003

: J-Pilot has waited for the USB device to connect since a few versions 
: ago.  Some people have better luck pressing the jpilot button first. 
: I'm not sure why.
: Judd

Since switching to USB, I have only been able to sync after waiting a couple of
seconds for the usbserial module to assign the device to ttyUSB0.  The order of
events is:  press sync button on the cradle, count to 5, click JPilot Sync,
listen for "bee-da-dee" from the Palm, breath sigh of relief.  It took me hours
to get this working, including downloading and building a 2.4.20
kernel with the Tungsten device definition added to visor.* plus some trial and
error.  I was just about ready to throw in the towel and get a USB-to-serial

Getting my Sandisk 6-in-1 card reader to work properly was a whole other story.
And I still have that nice Belkin Bluetooth USB dongle sitting there, waiting to be
installed... shudder!


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