Just point me to setup help

David A. Desrosiers hacker at gnu-designs.com
Mon Oct 28 11:25:35 EST 2002

> I reran this procedure, exactly as I described it, without any prexisting
> /dev/ttyUSB0 or /dev/ttyUSB1, and they were indeed detected and created.

	You must have a Palm handheld device that none of us have ever seen
before, one which puts the control for the device itself in the cradle,
instead of the handheld, because there are NONE on the market (that I'm
personally aware of) which can detect the Palm device itself, without having
inserted the Palm into the cradle and hitting HotSync.

	This is not a Linux problem, this is an electronic problem. You
can't create the electronic (i.e. physical) connection from Palm handheld,
through cradle, to desktop, without having made the actual physcial
connection from your Palm handheld to your cradle, without pressing HotSync
on the Palm or cradle. If you can, you have some very new device, and we
should know about it.

 	Which device is this?

	What distro?

	What kernel?

	What PalmOS version?


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