Problem with jpilot-syncmal after jpilot upgrade

bob.snyder bob.snyder at
Tue Oct 22 23:24:08 EDT 2002

Judd and Jason,

I did compile and install pilot-link first, then jpilot, then 

To check my sanity I just re-compiled and re-installed jpilot-syncmal. 
Even checked the time stamp in /usr/local/lib/jpilot/plugins. The result 
is the same - lockup of the UI during the execution of syncmal, and the 
extra '100:' characters with each '.' showing the data transfer. 
Everything else seems fine.

Anyone else seeing this symptom?


Bob S.

Judd Montgomery wrote:

> Yea, probably jpilot-syncmal needs to be recompiled.  Hopefully by 1.0 
> I will not have to change as many small things.
> Judd

jasonday at wrote:

>How did you upgrade J-Pilot and pilot-link?  J-Pilot and its plugins
>must all be built against the same version of pilot-link.  If they are
>not, lots of strange things can happen.

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