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Nicholas Piper nick-moongroup at nickpiper.co.uk
Sat Nov 23 12:44:10 EST 2002

On Sat, 23 Nov 2002, Maurice Kemmann wrote:

> is there any documentation how to insert data from a sql database like
> MySQL and PostgreSQL to the palm devices ? 

I see there has been a number of suggestions on how to do this, mostly
using CSV files.

I do not do this for Addresses yet, but part of my jpilot-python
package is a conduit that checks a MySQL database for Bugzilla data,
and updates your ToDo list.

This is a 'real conduit', in that it does it all in one go, and during
the same hotsync all your other jpilot stuff runs. I much prefer that
to a multi-step process.

It would be a small job to knock up a SQL database --> AddressDB
conduit based on jpilot-python. Two way would take you a little
longer, but could also be done. With my Bugzilla conduit, I simply
dedicate a palm category to Bugzilla items, and then the conduit
refreshes this category with new data each Sync.

Jpilot-python is available at

I'm still working to improve the conduit suite and the system in
general, so I'm willing to put a fair amount of time towards it. In
fact, if you can't do a conduit yourself and would like one please let
me know your database layout and I'll see if I can't fix something up
something for you.

jpilot-python probably isn't (very) easy to get working at this time,

This is mostly a plug; I know, sorry about that :-)


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