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Thanks for the correction and the info

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> But if I were to go with a new device I would look at the new Dell PDA
> even though it is Windows based.

        FYI, it's PocketPC-based, not Windows-based...

        From the reviews I've been reading, it's got _HORRID_ battery life
(roughly 1-2 hours out of the cradle). It's heavier than current PocketPC
units, brighter, and sucks up more battery life. I'll bet the suits will
love it though, but not something I'd want to use to hold my data. Nope.

        I'm still baffled that no single group of neurons over the last 5
years can come up with a design that works, and continues to scale for the
userbase they target. It's also why I stick with Palm devices, they're still
leading the pack in functionality, third-party support, battery life, new
technology advances (vfs, screens, cameras, storage, GSM, Bluetooth, etc.)


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