[jp] Printing problems

Graham Gough graham at cs.man.ac.uk
Mon Nov 18 07:07:04 EST 2002

>>>>> "LR" == Ludovic Rousseau <ludovic.rousseau at free.fr> writes:

    LR> Le vendredi 15 novembre 2002 à 07:29:50, Graham Gough a écrit:
    >> I've just tried to print a weekly view of DateBook to a file
    >> and preview with ghostscript. The page displays until day 2 and
    >> then generates a PostScript error. I'm using jpilot 0.99.3, is
    >> this a known problem?

    LR> Try to do "LANG=C jpilot" to disable any localisation of
    LR> jpilot. Tell us if you still have the printing problem.

    LR> I sent some patches on a similar problem to Judd. They are now
    LR> in the CVS version. Can you extract the latest CVS version and
    LR> try it (without the LANG=C hack).

The LANG=C workround does the trick. I've since tried the latest CVS
version and that also works (without the LANG=C hack)

Many thanks


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