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Judd Montgomery judd at
Sun Jul 14 23:44:53 EDT 2002

I have 4 reports of pilot-xfer not being able to install prc files on 
visors now.  David D, don't you have a visor?  Does this work?


shane wrote:
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> back on the 16th of may there was a post about installing apps.  i quote:
> 	having a problem installing apps to my Visor Edge handheld.
> 	I can sync address book and such just fine but when i add files to be
> 	installed on the unit it doesn't work.
> i also have a visor and am running mandrake (as he was) and can not install
> apps either.  pilot-xfer works to install apps however.
> he never (that i saw) got an answer
> any advice?
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> Linux."
> shane

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