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David A. Desrosiers hacker at
Tue Jul 2 19:35:50 EDT 2002

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> Well, I would do that for you, but you see, I need to get the cvs head
> from before I can even set my visor up! (I use USB, can't
> find my serial cradle) When I went to the site and clicked
> on cvs, it made it so I had to download 1 file at a time. If you help me
> with getting the cvs head from, I will test out that
> combination of jpilot-mail and autoconf-2.50 for you.

	You don't need to get the latest cvs to get pilot-link working with
your Visor. 0.9.5 will work just as well. Handspring did it properly, and
the visor.o kernel driver emulates the proper "language" for you, assuming
your Visor is recognized by your kernel on the USB bus.

	Second, if you scroll down on the page, there's an
article there that describes how to download the full source tree using the
client-side cvs application. The web-based view of the pilot-link CVS is
there so that others can easily diff/view/scrutinize the sources as they
change between releases. It's not meant to be there for you to download
through that interface.


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