need help syncing Jpilot to Handspring Visor

Tom at Home tcdavis at
Thu Jul 25 08:33:32 EDT 2002

I'd be very appreciative if someone would talk me through a syncing problem 
using JPilot with SUSE 8.0. I had been using JPilot quite successfully with 
Mandrake 8.1, but now that  I've switched to SUSE, I can't get my Handspring 
Visor to sync.

My Handspring software is 3Com, version 3.0.1.  On my Linux box I'm presently 
JPilot 0.99-266
pilot-link 0.9.3

JPilot launches O.K., but when I click on the sync button and then push the 
Visor cradle button, I get a beep from the CPU, but nothing happens.  Same if 
I push the cradle button first and then click the sync button in the window.  
I used to have trouble syncing occasionally with the Mandrake 8.1, but found 
that resetting the Visor would do the trick.  Resetting the Visor doesn't 
help now either.

I tried installing the newer version of JPilot (0.99.2-1) via a Slackware RPM, 
but couldn't, because I can't find a file it depends on:  
So, I've decided to try to make the JPilot 0.99-266 work.  

Could someone talk me through this?  I'm a newbie, so if you give me command 
line help, please make it very explicit and assume no prior knowledge.

Thanks in advance,

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